A quick look at the Fixing Point team behind the scenes [gallery]

Who's who in the Fixing Point team? Which one of our vast family is responsible for HR happiness? And who's in charge of keeping our customers' projects on track?

At Fixing Point, we've been implementing quite a few changes over the past couple of years to improve how we help our customers, like setting up new processes and hiring new staff.

To mark the occasion, we held a recent team photoshoot in our Fixing Point HQ in Gloucester, and now we're sharing some of the best 'behind the scenes' snaps - so you can see what goes on in our office, and who's who...

Mags, HR at Fixing Point - meet the Fixing Point team, specialist fixings company UK
Margaret (but we know her as Mags!) has worked here since 1987! And for over 30 years she’s making sure the team is happy and working together successfully. As HR & our credit controller Mags ensures everything is kept tickety boo...
Henry - meet the Fixing Point team - UK-based supplier of specialist fasteners and components to the roofing and cladding industry
Henry is our Business Development Manager, out on the road meeting our existing & new customers across the South West and South Wales - our roving representative!
Russell, Production Supervisor at Fixing Point - specialist fixings for commercial use
Russell, our Production Supervisor, is the man making sure our 'production ship' is sailing smoothly every single day.
Andrew Jefferies, Internal Sales Executive at Fixing Point - cladding fixings for the construction industry
This is Andy, our Internal Sales Executive. He's responsible for making sure sales happen, keeping customers happy and projects ticking over.
Josh, Internal Sales - Fixing Point, a specialist fixings supplier for UK construction
Josh, part of our internal sales team, deals with all general enquiries, customer support & purchasing
Casey at Fixing Point, producer of fixings and screws for cladding construction
Casey has been our Business Administrator since 2015. She's the first point of contact for customers, and she keeps all our deliveries on track.
Ian, Managing Director of Fixing Point Ltd - UK-based supplier of specialist fasteners and components to the roofing and cladding industry
Ian is our Managing Director, who originally joined us as Financial Controller back in 2000. Since 2011, he's been our MD, dealing with our capacity, import purchasing, stock, staff, and making sure we're performing as well as we can.
Matt, Sales & Marketing Manager, Fixing Point - UK-based supplier of specialist fasteners and components to the roofing and cladding industry
Our Sales & Marketing Manager, Matt, has been a key driver in developing the sales team, rebrand of the company and continued growth within Fixing Point.
Chris at Fixing Point - leading UK manufacturer and supplier of fixings and fastenings
Chris is our Technical & Project support and has been with Fixing Point since 2014. Dealing with technical enquiries, product testing and providing support to projects he is our resident technical bod!
Martin, BDM at Fixing Point - Scotland fixings for cladding and construction
Martin is one of our Business Development Managers. He leads our sales across the whole of Scotland, Northern Ireland and the North East, and feels Fixing Point is unique due to our own manufactured fixings and our excellent customer service.
Ian, BDM at Fixing Point - construction fixings and screws in Midlands and Northwest England
Ian, our Business Development Manager, has been with Fixing Point for the past 3 years. Ian leads all sales across the Midlands & North West of England, looking after both existing & new customers.
Mandy at Fixing Point - specialist fixings and screws company in the UK
Mandy works for our finance department & has been with Fixing Point for over 25 years, covering all aspects of the accounts department - all the things we need to keep our business running without a hitch.

Of course, not forgetting all the other members of the team who keep us on track! Our busy production and warehouse is run and staffed with diligent, friendly members of our team.

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